A world where injustices have been corrected. A world in which only Allah is worshipped and obeyed. A world in which the Qur’an and the Sunnah is implemented globally supreme over all other laws and systems.

In the ideal world that we strive to bring about, inferiority complexes and plantation psychosis will be cured. 

The satanic system of institutionalised and systemic prejudice for or against people on the basis of traits humans are naturally born with shall be systematically dismantled into non-existence. The only thing left to determine the supremacy of any person, tribe, or nation shall be as defined in Al-Quran; that only those with righteousness are the superior people. Righteousness, as defined by Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (Peace be Upon Him) as Taqwah (narrowly translated to mean “the consciousness of Allah”) and Good Character as determined by revelation of Truth from the only source of Truth, Allah.

There will be liberation from the shackles of capitalism, socialism, liberalism, democracy, and all ideologies and religions; all having come from the limited human mind and desire, not from the source of Truth.

In the ideal world we seek to bring about, there will be a single world government that shall work to raise the quality of living for all people, led by a supreme righteous leader; a khalifah (Caliph). That single world government would accomplish that by upholding the only decreed way of life, which is Al-Islam as revealed to Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (Peace be upon him) and understood by his Companions; Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali, and the other righteous companions of the prophet; and as narrated authentically and upheld by the reliable and upright authorities of every generation who carried the knowledge from the Companions till our to time. Through this, the entire world would see the protection of life, the protection of intellect and the human mind, the protection of people’s honour, the protection of family and lineage, the protection of property, and a general increase in overall quality of life and living.


Working locally to affect things globally. 

We will call people to believe in Allah, perform the daily prayers (Salah), to give Zakah, to fear Allah, and to have good behaviour as perfectly shown to us by the final messenger, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, Peace be Upon Him.

We will oversee the establishment of Masajid (Mosques) in order to establish Salah and as a nucleus for local mobilisation and activity, starting in Arcadia and spreading to other localities from there.

We will oversee the establishment of outreach centres for the purpose of spreading the message of Islam. These will be set up in cities that may already have masajid, but which lack proper activities calling to Al-Islam. Should there be enough unity of muslims behind our cause in those cities, those outreach centres may be turned into Masajid/mosques.

We will oversee the establishment of educational programs for Muslims to learn the Qur’an, Authentic Sunnah, and their Deen (Way of life). Sheikh Bilal Philips and his International Open University has provided a great tool that we can use in aiding in educating local muslims until the time every locale has its own madrasah/school.

We will oversee the establishment of programs geared towards the removal of blight on all communities, maintaining the good that already exists within the communities, and the betterment of both the muslim and non-muslim community at large based on the guidance of Islam. We will help drive out drugs, prostitution, and other blights from those neighbourhoods that are in most suffering by establishing our masajid in the worst areas of those neighbourhoods. We will organise every neighbourhood within a single location that would have welcomed our influence to police itself. We will seek to improve any run down infrastructure, houses, community parks, parking lots, and we will establish community gardens that can provide basic sustenance. We will open food pantries that raise the standards of healthy and nutritious food that does not seek to destroy the human’s body. We will encourage the starting of neighbourhood business that would drive to complete irrelevance large conglomerates such Walmart, Amazon, and their ilk. 

We will go into agriculture and do business that would help establish self-sustaining muslim communities with our own supply chains. We will buy any land we can for farming and start our own shipping and freight companies. 

We seek to cooperate with organisations or establishments, nationally or internationally, to ensure that our mission is fulfilled. Related to this interest, we have discovered the New Dar-ul-Islam Movement to have common not just a loyalty to Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, but also common vision; as such, we join the New Dar-ul-Islam International Movement and give our official allegiance to Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin through Imam Isa Abdul Kareem, who is acting in place of Imam Jamil until the Imam’s becomes free to once again lead the struggle.

Some of our objectives in summary:

  1. Calling to Tawhid.
  2. The establishment of the five obligatory prayers.
  3. The establishment of Zakah.
  4. Sending more youth to Makkah for Hajj & Umrah and generally enabling anyone interested to do Hajj & Umrah.
  5. The establishment of Da’wah efforts.
  6. To develop contacts among the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah and keeping good relations with them.
  1. To educate, develop, and empower locals with the aptitude and vision for seeking knowledge, to become homegrown Tullabul Ilm (Students of Knowledge).
  2. To educate and develop righteous businessmen.
  3. To spread Islam and organise the muslims in all prisons.
  4. To provide support and a welcoming environment to all released muslim prisoners.
  5. To educate and or develop people of influence and leaders within the community.
  6. To educate and develop all communities, and any steps needed to achieve these things while remaining upon the creed Ahlus Sunnah wa’l Jama’ah.
  7. To be a self-sustaining muslim community economically and to not rely simply on collecting donations
  8. To Enjoin Ma’roof (that which is known to be good) and Forbid Munkar (the opposite of the previous).

    “The believing men and believing women are allies of one another. They enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and establish prayer and give zakāh and obey Allah and His Messenger. Those – Allah will have mercy upon them. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise.” – Translation of meaning of Al-Quran 9:71
  9. To cooperate with all creation in what is good and righteous, not cooperating in sin and transgression.

    “Cooperate with one another in goodness and righteousness, and do not cooperate in sin and transgression.” – Translation of meaning of Al-Quran 5:2


In interpretation, and commentary, of the the words of Rib’ee Ibn ‘Aamir when he was speaking to the king of Persia:

“We are a people whom Allah has sent to turn any willing people away from worship of the creation, to the worship of the Creator [alone]. Allah has sent us to show the people the path away from a constricted and controlled life under the misguidance of worldly systems [of human and devil desire], to the vastness and freedom of both this life and the hereafter under [the light and guidance of Allah], Al-Islam. Allah has sent us to liberate [the willing] people from the injustices of all [religions, ideologies, and man-made laws]; and to show the people [the only path of justice, the only divinely ordained system, law, way of life, and program suitable for all humanity in all times,] Al-Islam. [So, any government that seeks to continue to subjugate and oppress its own people by preventing us from carrying out our divinely-ordained purpose of bringing the message of Islam to to the ears of the masses, then we shall fight them until we have earned the reward of paradise that Allah has promised us upon dying for His cause alone.] ”

We also seek to embody what has been attributed to Umar Ibn Khattab, though the authenticity of the exact wording may be in question, the spirit of the words remains so we use the words for purpose of summary: “Indeed, there is no Islam without community, and there is not community without leadership, and there is no leadership without obedience.”